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WipeOut 2011 Mod ...

See this AR.Drone with light and hull modding, airbrushed in WipeOut Style.


AR.Drone in the Alps ...

A mid november flight through the woods and valleys in the western part of Austria, watching woodchoppers having their break behind a mountain farm before they finally fell an over 200 year old spruce, circling around a village church and over an alpine pass.


Indoor mapping using a ...

Parrot's AR.Drone in collaboration with a UGV to create augmented maps (consisting of 2d ground maps and point cloud maps of elevated areas). The maps are built to exact scale, are accurate and more comprehensive than just 2D maps. The complete system was built in ROS. P.S. The ground robot ...


AR.Drone with GoPro HD ...

This was my first outdoor Attempt with the AR.Drone Parrot and HeroHD. I turned the Altitude Limit off to get a little higher. It did start to fly a bit erratic and aftert this test it did loose all control and it went about 60 to 70 feet high before ...


AR.Drone + Kinect ...

Parrot AR.Drone controlled with body movements using the Kinect. Demonstrated at Kinnernet 2011.


Piloting the AR.Drone w ...

A project source for controlling the AR.Drone.


First hands-on training ...

First day of hands-on training on the brand new 105ft ladder truck. That was an almost perfect day (not too windy) to use our Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 and fly around the truck.


AR.Drone Flight Simulat ...

A quick work in progress look at the upcoming AR.Drone Flight Simulator called ARDrone Sim.


AR.Drone 2.0 first flig ...

Having fun in the park with the new AR.Drone 2.0


AR.Drone Chicago Grant ...

Evening flight over Grant Park with view of Chicago.


A box of robots in ever ...

RobotsLAB BOX is a modular solution which was designed to answer the ever-changing needs of the 21st century classroom.


Indoor golf facilities ...

White Pines Golf Dome flying the AR.Drone. The White Pines Golf Dome is one of the world's premiere indoor golf facilities. Measuring 300-feet wide, 300-feet long and 100-feet high, it is the area's largest golf dome.