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AR.Drone with GoPro HD ...

This was my first outdoor Attempt with the AR.Drone Parrot and HeroHD. I turned the Altitude Limit off to get a little higher. It did start to fly a bit erratic and aftert this test it did loose all control and it went about 60 to 70 feet high before ...


AR.Drone & GoPro Hd ...

Funny day!


Flight at The God's Fin ...

AR.Drone 2.0 flight at The God's Finger, Teide Park, Tenerife of Canary Islands.


AR.Drone 2.0 Flight Bir ...

Formerly lodge to Birkwood Castle, built for the McKirdy family, which was purchased in 1920 by Lanarkshire Council for use as institution for juvenile mentally handicapped patients. The site remained in use as a hospital until 2005.


Helping robots see ...

Learn how one of Harvey Mudd College's student Summer Research teams explored computer-vision-based algorithms and machine-learning methods to help an ARDrone quad-rotor helicopter autonomously navigate.


AR.Drone 2.0 over Ålesu ...

It shows a few of the many surrounding islands around my town such as Giske, Vigra, Valderøya, Ellingsøya, Sula and Giske.


Love to play RollerHand ...

So 80's but so good.


AR.Drone 2.0 - ARCTIC E ...

During March 2013, a team ran a polar expedition training course in Norway for UK Scouts. The week long course undertook various skills needed to complete a polar expedition safety in conditions which dropped to -35'c at night. The AR.Drone 2.0 worked extremely well and offered a unique way to ...


Fan film in Mexico ...

Small trailler made by fans.


Outdoor flight close to ...

AR.Drone 2.0 flying in Nova Scotia, Canada.


RC Club in Puerto Rico ...

AR.Drone flight test in Porto Rico.


AR.Drone 2.0 Best Of Us ...

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