Video of the day

Not much to look at but I flew this pretty much all autonomously with the GPS Flight Recorder module just testing it out for the first time. of course someone has to come up and ask me about it while I'm testing it. But I try to be nice and ...


Must See Videos

Flight in Sardinia ...

Nice flight in Sardignia.


AR.Drone flight in Bali ...

AR.Drone flying in Bali.


Flying AR.Drone in Finl ...

Flying AR.Drone over the Finnish countryside.


Multi-touch gamepad pil ...

This AR.Drone is flown using the Dynamically Resizing Ergonomic and Multi-touch (DREAM) controller on the Microsoft Surface.


Winter Flight ...

Winter flight in Canada with AR.Drone 2.0


Just some fun in a fiel ...

Just some fun in a field with the AR Drone and a couple of kids that ran up.


AR.Drone 2.0 first flig ...

Having fun in the park with the new AR.Drone 2.0


Waikiki fireworks ...

Attempted to get closer this time to the Waikiki firework.


AR.Drone 2.0 high fligh ...

High flight close to the Christ the Redeemer statue.


AR.Drone 2.0 at the HMS ...

AR.Drone 2.0 and the HMS Bounty from the Pirates of the Caribbean II and III Movies.


High flight in south Ge ...

Sunday morning in South Gemany.


AR.Drone with GoPro HD ...

Having fun flying the AR.Drone with a GoPro at Griffith park in Los Angeles.